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What we do

What we do

For over 140 years, we’ve discovered, produced and delivered critical energy and products to people around the world.

We continue to evolve to meet growing global demand for oil, natural gas and refined products and plan to play a leading role in the energy transition. 

By applying our expertise in scale, integration, operations and technology, the people of Nathaleum  are working to produce vital energy and products, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create sustainable value for our shareholders, stakeholders and society.

Delivering industrial solutions

As a global industrial company, we’re working with others to provide essential energy and chemical resources to power businesses, enable construction, and support manufacturing, and to provide low carbon solutions such as large-scale carbon capture and storage to help reduce industrial and commercial emissions.
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Lower-emission transportation

Meeting global transportation needs while managing emissions requires multiple solutions, and we're taking a comprehensive, science-based approach to drive efficiencies that will ultimately help decarbonize transportation.
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Materials for modern living

From high-tech, lightweight plastics for smartphones, EVs, and medical devices, to high-powered fuels for aircraft, to lubricants for wind turbines, and flexible films for food preservation, we create innovative solutions that make modern life possible.  
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